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The Beachfront

The Beachfront

Exceptional design is not just about aesthetics. It is about the feelings evoked as you step into distinctive and inspirational spaces. Experiencing a deep sense of belonging, as you become a part of an exclusive gated community.

This curated collection of outstanding homes represents the pinnacle of design-led living. Tranquil, private, and the essence of contemporary living, each villa offers a haven of harmony, a spectacular place to belong for discerning connoisseurs of fine living.

The Beachfront


The community is maximized with walking trails, seating areas, flexible lawns, recreational amenities for all ages, and dog parks. The design language throughout the communities allows for intimate gathering spaces.


Each privately owned villa is composed of open living and dining areas positioned around a central feature open to sky courtyard. These courtyards are themed like a Japanese Zen Garden with the use of gravel, stones, and a central tree, which symbolize serenity and simplicity.
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