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Property Details

33,044 sq ft
7 bedrooms
La Mer, Dubai
33,044 sq ft
7 bedrooms
La Mer, Dubai

Wilton Terraces

A distinguished standard of living
Wilton Terraces, nestled in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, showcases a contemporary and elegant design that harmonizes with its surroundings. This development fosters a sense of community, perfect for young families seeking connectivity and growth. Surrounded by landscaped parks and play areas, it’s ideal for family activities and relaxation.Inspired by the historical Silk Road, the architecture blends classic and modern elements with a touch of greenery, creating a unique and personalizable living space. Wilton Terraces represents a prime choice for those prioritizing minimalistic, modern living with a historical influence, making it a standout option in Dubai’s real estate market.


Wilton Terraces is strategically located in the heart of Dubai, near key landmarks like Meydan One, Meydan Mall, Mohammad Bin Rashid City, and Downtown Dubai. This prime location ensures easy access to the city’s major attractions and business hubs. Set in a vast residential community, Wilton Terraces is surrounded by extensive greenery near the Dubai Water Canal, providing natural views and access to top amenities. It offers bespoke living in a vibrant setting, ideal for those seeking an active lifestyle and a smart investment in Dubai’s real estate market.



  • – 2-lobbies with lounge
  • – Leisure and lounge pool
  • – Landscaped courtyard
  • – Indoor and outdoor kids play
  • – Fitness studio
  • – Art installations
  • – Barbeque area