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The top Expo 2020 attractions you don’t want to miss

If there was any doubt before, by now it should be clear to all that Dubai likes to do things bigger, bolder, and better. If the marvelous opening ceremony is any indication, the Dubai World Expo 2020 is likely to be one of the best global events ever.

With that said, here are several major Expo 2020 attractions you wouldn’t want to miss:

1. Al Wasl 

Dubbed as the beating heart of Expo 2020, Al Wasl Plaza is probably the biggest attraction of this truly global event. At roughly 130 meters wide with a colossus dome which is almost 67 meters tall, Al Wasl is not an ordinary building. As a matter of fact, the dome doubles up as a 360-degree projection surface. That said, it’s not just the exterior of Al Wasl that’s amazing — it offers you six marvelous shows, five of which are scheduled to run daily.

Here are some Al Wasl Plaza shows that you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world:

  • Global Awakening: As you walk leisurely through the Al Wasl Plaza’s garden early morning, you will hear the sounds of the Earth coming slowly back to life. This is the very first show of the day and it nicely sets the tone for what to expect throughout the day. Global Awakening is a show that everyone will be able to enjoy.
  • National and Honor Day Ceremonies and Cultural Performances: Want to learn more about different cultures? Well, this is your opportunity. Grab it with both hands. With this event, all the participating countries — 192 in total — get a chance to showcase their traditions and culture to a global audience and celebrate their uniqueness.
  • Expo Young Stars: You may have heard the saying: “Today’s Students are Tomorrow’s Future.” Well, 2020 Expo Dubai fully recognizes this age-old maxim. For this reason, Al Wasl Plaza has created this limited-time event in which students from different parts of the UAE will meet and share their stories, experiences, and dreams through dance and song — all choreographed, directed, and written by them. Come and be a part of their journey and we bet you will soon be rooting for your success as you watch their heart-moving performances.
  • Music in the Gardens: Love music? If so, this is one event you wouldn’t want to miss. Daily from 3pm onward, musicians from all over the world will showcase their talents. There’s something to look forward to for all music lovers because the event features live music of all genres, such as classical, world fusion, pop and more.
  • Awakening of Al Wasl: Tipped as many as the most mesmerizing events of all, Awakening of Al Wasl tells the story of humanity. Come to hear and watch the enchanting Arab tales, as well as tales from the natural world, the infinite cosmos, and our constant stride towards technological advancement.

2. Firdaus Orchestra

Oscar-winning composer and music sensation A.R. Rahman has created an ensemble of 50 musicians — all of them women — from 23 Arab countries. The concert begins on 23rd October and aims to celebrate the culture, diversity, and artistic power of this part of the world. This all-women orchestra, composed of highly talented musicians, with Yasmina Sabbah as its conductor, wants to demonstrate how music is for everyone and accessible to everyone. The inaugural performance will also feature some of the top compositions of A.R. Rahman.

3. Women’s Pavilion

Expo 2020 Dubai’s Women’s Pavilion shines a light on how women have contributed to the world. It also emphasizes that to achieve true global progress, sustainability and peace, this can only be done through the equal and full participation of women. The Pavilion brings together female architects to filmmakers and serves as a global platform for promoting gender balance.

4. AI-powered, multi-sensory food experience

If you are a food enthusiast, you will enjoy the innovative culinary experience that Dubai Expo 2020 offers. Featuring more than 50 global cuisines, served at nearly 200 outlets across the site, the Expo will keep foodies busy and happy. Highlights include award-winning chefs, UAE’s most famous local eateries, and “Future of Food: Epochal Banquet.” Imagined by highly-talented UK design studio Bompass & Parr, Future of Food is a 3-course immersive dining experience exploring how AI will shape the future of dining.