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Top Areas in Dubai for Buying Luxury Villas

Having already mentioned the top tips for buying Dubai villas in one of our previous articles, you may wonder where are the top areas to buy a luxury villa in Dubai. Because Dubai is a relatively new city, its infrastructure is highly modern, with high-rise buildings and unique architecture spread across. Knowing this, which are the top areas that investors and buyers prefer when searching for luxury villas for sale in Dubai?

Luxury Villas in Jumeirah Village

A unique community spanning two areas commonly known as ‘Jumeirah Triangle’ and ‘Jumeirah Circle’, this incredible neighborhood hosts schools, mosques, parks and sports fields, making it an ideal location for families. Including a variety of commercial, retail and leisure facilities spread over 811 hectares, this neighborhood offers ample green space for children to run and families to reconnect with the beauty of nature.

If you are searching for a residential and commercial community that embraces the regional culture, you will love living in these Dubai villas and townhouses. To know more about what these luxury villas in Jumeirah Village have to offer, read more here.

 Beach-Front Villas in Palm Jumeirah

A man-made island inspired by the silhouette of a palm tree, the Palm Jumeirah is one of the most luxurious areas in Dubai. Villas in the Palm Jumeirah appeal to those who prefer a design-led lifestyle. Hosting world-class restaurants and some of the best international hotels in the city, this area attracts tourists and residents for fancy dinners, water-park events, and even for walks and runs by the beautiful Palm Jumeirah sunset.

For those who seek the ultra-luxury lifestyle, the Palm Jumeirah has some of the finest boutique villas in the city, with coastal views that are sure to take your breath away during the sunrise, sunset, and every other time of the day. These Palm Jumeirah villas in Dubai come with 5 bedrooms and a full-width swimming pool facing the beach.

Villas in Emirates Hills Surrounded by a Greenery

Emirates Hills has some of the first freehold properties sold in Dubai, which is why it is a popular spot for expats. It is a gated community with beautiful vast green areas and large luxury homes. Named after Beverly Hills in America, this luxury location for villas in Dubai hosts some of the most modern villas in the city. With a golf-course that can be seen from your window, the modern architecture makes use of the natural and stunning views of the neighborhood. With a focus on openness in the architecture of the villas, you will feel reconnected with nature inside your own home, as your breath is taken away by the green views as if you were looking at a painting. You can check out these villas in Emirates Hills to know more about them.

Why Should You Buy a Villa in Dubai?

Peace is one of the main factors that make a healthy lifestyle, whether that be through meditation, running, eating well, or living in a good home. When you find a spacious area for you and your family in a safe community, with impeccable finishing and stunning views, you also find that peace. An ideal mixture of community and privacy, you can take a quick swim in your private pool or read a book under the shade of your own tree, or even go golfing during your free time. In Dubai, the limits to owning a luxury villa do not exist, as a luxury villa is defined not only by its architecture but also by its community and surrounding amenities – from nearby schools and hospitals to world-class restaurants and designer boutiques located a walk away.

If you wish to learn more about high-end luxury villas in Dubai or are seeking expert real estate advice, don’t hesitate to drop us an email at to discuss how we can help you.



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