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Every detail in life is worth your attention
Residences for those who truly appreciate design
Quality of life is a habit
Residences for those who truly appreciate design

Ellington Properties is a design-led developer of
residences, communities and lifestyles


Our curated portfolio of the world’s most exclusive and extraordinary homes features only destinations that genuinely inspire us as we redefine living.

When it comes down to it, what we all really yearn for is a feeling of connection; connections to like-minded people, to nature, to good design and to our best self. The Ellington ethos brings people together in beautiful properties that are designed to lift the spirits and stir the soul. 
Step out of the everyday world and indulge in life’s true luxuries.

Featured properties

Our properties span the fronds of Palm Jumeirah to Dubai Hills and the peaceful shores of Ras Al Khaimah.
Discover the variety and quality of our developments in our curated selection below.
EMIRATES HILLSLocation in Dubai
ARJANLocation in Dubai

Cerros de Madrid

Location in Dubai

A mixed use waterfront community in the heart of Dubai

A peaceful suburban community


The epitome of opulent living in Dubai


A vibrant community in the heart of Dubai


A bustling and vibrant community


Property updates

See the progress, timelines and construction updates of our developments