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Palm villa

Live in Dubai’s Apartment Or Villa?

Villas and apartments are both very popular options for residential properties in Dubai. Whether you are buying or renting, both options are available in different sizes, price ranges, styles, and locations. As such, residents may at times find it hard to decide which type of properties will suit them better. If you can’t decide between living in a villa or apartment in Dubai, this post is just for you. We have uncovered some of the main factors to consider so that you can easily and confidently make an informed decision. Price and Size For most people, price and size are among the most important factors while buying or renting a property. Generally speaking, apartments tend to have a lower entry price than villas in Dubai because villas usually offer a bigger internal space in addition to an external terrace or garden area. Of course, size directly impacts the price you end up paying. In other words, a 3-bedroom apartment is more expensive than a 2-bedroom apartment or studio in the same building. However, you may find a reasonably priced 3- bedroom villa 30 minutes away from the downtown that can actually cost you less than a two-bedroom apartment located in the center. So, it all depends on the location which we will talk about next. Location The other main factor to consider while deciding between a villa and apartment in Dubai is location. Some locations in Dubai offer a wide selection of sales and rental properties, but in many areas your choices are rather limited. For example, Downtown Dubai — one of the top neighborhoods located in the city and popular among buyers and renters for its central location — mainly offers apartments. A prospective resident is likely to find it difficult to get a villa in these parts. In contrast, suburban communities — like Dubailand — almost exclusively have beautiful townhouses and cozy villas. Maintenance costs It is important to understand the various maintenance costs involved in an apartment vs. a villa in Dubai. Generally speaking, villas are costlier to maintain than apartments for an obvious reason: A larger space and the lack of shared services (unlike an apartment located in a building). Lifestyle Which is a greater priority for you — convenience or privacy? If you said convenience, an apartment in Dubai is likely to suit you better. Because apartment towers in Dubai tend to be more centrally-located than villas, they are much closer to commercial hubs and leisure activities. But if you value privacy more than convenience, a villa is likely to work out better for you. In Dubai, villas are almost exclusively located in gated communities or residential areas a little away from the urban hubbub. Because these villas provide a quiet environment, they are perfect for families, especially ones with children. On the other hand, single professionals who want to live near the city center or couples looking for a property that’s a few minutes walk from malls or entertainment options might prefer the convenience of living in an apartment. Likewise, those who like having a private outdoor space or hate using the lift might prefer the privacy of a townhouse or villa. By contrast, social butterflies may like living in an apartment complex, where they can have more opportunities to chit-chat with the neighbors. Several trendy villa communities in Dubai — like Emirates Hills — also house nurseries and schools. Therefore, they are a great choice for families with kids. Budget-conscious buyers or renters, however, can consider living in apartments in popular integrated communities, like Jumeirah Village Circle or Mohammad Bin Rashid City, since they offer beautiful apartments and also feature schools and nurseries. Views For some buyers or renters this is not an important factor, but for some others the surrounding views is a big thing. Some high-luxury apartments offer unparalleled views, though they usually come with a steeper price tag. If you like to enjoy sweeping views of the Arabian Sea, you may consider a high-floor flat on Jumeirah or the Palm. On the other hand, those who prefer impressive Burj Khalifa or city skyline views are more likely to find apartments in Downtown Dubai to their liking. Many Dubai villas, in contrast, offer charming greeneries and lake views or golf course views. So, the choice between the two—villa and apartment—may also depend on your personal preference when it comes to the type of surrounding views. Amenities Last but not the least, you may also want to consider the facilities and amenities you will have access to. For instance, if you rely on Dubai Metro to commute to your office, an apartment might be a good choice. That’s because most villa communities are little farther away from Dubai Metro. On the other hand, apartment towers usually offer a shared pool and gym while villa communities offer more extensive facilities, like jogging tracks, tennis courts, community parks…etc.

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