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Entertain Yourself at Home

Many of Dubai homes have been coping well with the pandemic situation and making staying home a new routine even though it was a sudden choice for most families at the beginning. We realize that it has been a few months now and most of you might have run out of the activities you can do at home. Hence, we have come up with a few activities that will keep you occupied and entertained while you stay safe at your place and you will be shocked by the things that can keep you busy while being at home and not feeling the need or the want to leave the house unless it’s for an emergency. USE YOUR COMMUNITY AMENITIES The best properties in Dubai come equipped with the finest amenities and facilities that you can take advantage of such as the amenities we offer in our communities in Belgravia, Belgravia II, and Eaton Place: Improve social relationships: Get to know your neighbors while keeping 2-meters social distance and find common interests you have with them. Maintain good health: Use the gym in your building to enjoy a healthy life or use public areas to perform a work-out such as yoga. Refresh yourself: Swimming is a refreshing activity for summer, enjoy a little picnic by the pool with your family. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED THIS FOR YOUR WORKOUTS? If you are the type that prefers working out indoors, then you might consider below activities: Customize a schedule: Create a weekly schedule of workouts focusing on specific areas during the week to avoid getting bored. Get inspired: Look for workout references from influencers, YouTube videos, or health apps. Seek new options: Consider renting cycling and other equipment from gyms that are offering. Blend in: Register in group training sessions. Improve your skills: Involve yourself with new types of working out such as yoga, meditation, aerobics, or a type of dance. Create your own corner: Create a small working out corner to motivate yourself, such as placing weights, mats, and other equipment. SMALL OR A BIG PLACE, THEY BOTH NEED TO BY TIDIED! A sanitization routine: Make a sanitizing schedule for your home and specialize each day to disinfect a room. Declutter: It is a good time to get rid of the things you don’t need such as clothes, gadgets, or even kitchen tools and give them to charity. Small changes to your home: Rearrange some of your furniture items. Be creative: Use DIY ideas to rearrange your cabinets and drawers especially for your spices and cooking tools. WIDEN YOUR FOOD CULTURE Learn and apply: Watch cooking shows that can upgrade your cooking skills and cook meals for you or your family. New skills are calling: Get out of your comfort zone and experience cooking different cuisines or baking styles. EXTRA FUN ACTIVITIES Indoor Karaoke: You and your family can have fun and keep yourself busy by doing some karaoke at home, make sure to have it on video for some funny memories later. Learn a new language: This will be time-consuming and extremely beneficial as it will help you in your future and counts as a plus to you. Learn a new instrument: As you have time on your hands try learning a new instrument could come in handy when staying at home as it could keep you and your family entertained and busy. We hope you find these activities beneficial and different. Remember, staying home is safer for you and your loved ones.

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