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6 Activities Children Will Enjoy at Expo 2020

Dubai’s Expo 2020 has been the most awaited event of the year and has drawn people from around the world. Following the goal of learning, broadening our horizons and experiencing new things, Expo 2020 has made sure that the youth can make the most out of it. In addition, entrance is free for children under 18, with an array of different family-friendly experiences for all ages. Rashid’s Playground Named after one of the mascot siblings of Expo 2020, Rashid’s playground is located in the Jubilee Park. It provides visitors with an ocean-themed adventure, including an interactive 3D maze designed to challenge their thinking and problem solving. The playground has exciting highlights such as sharks on springs, whale slides, and ocean liners. Moreover, children can even discover the region’s most surprising inhabitants: the humpback whale. Latifa’s Space Adventures Follow the second mascot sister into Latifa’s Adventures in Space City. There, you may dive into a zero-gravity chamber, orbit around swings, and explore a replica of the UAE’s Hope Probe. Al Forsan Park is part of the interactive space, with an interconnected network of walkways that provide a rich assortment of options for cultural engagement and recreation. Explore Sustainability Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion, is a fun experience that brings the UAE and Expo 2020’s commitment to sustainability to life. It is going to encourage sustainable choices for future generations by taking visitors through the natural world’s treasures. Many of the 191 Country Pavilions will also have a family-friendly theme. For example, the 21-metre-tall slide at the Luxembourg Pavilion that whisks visitors through woodlands. The traditional board and playground games keep families entertained at the Ethiopia Pavilion. At the Guinea Pavilion, folktales will be brought to life, while Kinetic energy is highlighted at the Bulgaria Pavilion. Whale chaperones whisk visitors through an enchanted forest at the Tonga Pavilion. Garden In the Sky Garden in the Sky is a 55-metre-high observation platform that provides a 360-degree view of Expo. The garden features two interconnected cabins that rise and drop. Visitors can access the lower cabin from the basement and the upper cabin from the ground of the rotating tower. Furthermore, the highest floor of the tower is adorned with ten yellow flame plants that withstand the UAE’s weather. The experience is perfect for children and adults alike, provide an unparalleled view of the entire Expo. Expo’s Robots Take a stroll towards the Monaco Pavilian and play a ‘jump and run’ game to guide a baby penguin back to safety past the deadly dangers of the Arctic. Through this interactive game with robotic penguins, children can see how they observe penguin behavior. Not only that, but there are also robots placed all around Expo, programmed to help answer your questions, and even crack jokes. Additionally, robots are a fun experience for children to learn how far technology has come, and how there are no possibilities for our ambitions. ‘Colours of the World’ parade Children will enjoy the live entertainment and shows provided by Expo daily, especially the parades. Every day, the “Colours of the World” parade will provide viewers with a one-of-a-kind cultural fusion experience. A lively, colorful, moving celebration with worldwide participation, performers, and musicians that is full of energy and a lot of fun.

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