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Is architecture an art form? Or is art infringing into architectural territory? The lines between them are often blurred yet somehow, they find beautifully entwined ways to enchant. At Ellington Properties we encourage this infinitely stretching conversation between art and space through Ellington Art Foundation. The initiative, now in its 8th year, has attracted an eclectic mix of artists and produced works of art that adorn our properties. The newest entrant in this ever-growing community of artists is the interior designer turned painter Madiha, gracing Belgravia III’s main lobby with her painting “Into the Shallows”. Madiha is from Pakistan and has been living and working in Dubai for the last seven years. The first step in her initiation into artistic space was as an interior designer, working with leading design organizations. During the Covid-19 lockdown she found herself gravitating towards painting – an antidote to the heaviness surrounding the world. In painting Madiha found her artistic passions renewed. It became her way of interacting with her surroundings and sharing the joy that it brought her with the world.   Her work is inspired by the art world, but she also experiments and explores the possibilities or her own imagination. Her artistic sensibilities are inhabited by the works of artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Vincent van Gogh. Despite the riot of artistic influences that permeate her mental space, she has developed her own process. Detailing her process, she said, “Whenever I start a painting, whether it’s a commission or for my ongoing series, I always take time to think it through before starting on actual canvas, from doing a lot of research to creating endless compositions and swatches either on sketchbook or digital, to make sure it’s aesthetically pleasing, well balanced and perfectly aligned. I believe when you’ve been associated with the design industry, obsession with forms and composition comes naturally.” ‘Into the Shallows’ is an attempt to condense the expanse of the ocean and its magnificence onto the canvas. Employing acrylic and metallic embellishments, she captures the movement and mood of the sea by layering and blending many tones and hues. With this artwork she heightens the drama of the ocean and then lays it on the canvas for the residents and visitors of Belgravia III. Since switching to painting she has collaborated with multiple designers and art consultancies within and outside the UAE, majoring on large-scale contemporary abstract art in various mediums. She is not just creating art but also enjoying the process of its creation. It motivates and inspires her to live life to the fullest.

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