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Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative in Ellington Properties

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Belgravia community event – Cancer awareness month

Faith, courage, hope … Together against Breast Cancer.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to honor those who have been fighting in secret yet spreading positivity, Ellington Properties is hosting a community event in Belgravia to enjoy listening to inspiring stories & learn more about methods to prevent Breast Cancer.

Running from 4:30 pm onwards, speakers will include Dr. Sharon Mendoza, a faculty member at Skyline University College and recipient of the Nobel Hero Award in the UAE in 2018 for her services to the community through her cancer and environmental advocacy. The second speaker is Ghadeer Kunna, a policy and strategy adviser who survived stage three breast cancer and offers her message to other women to help give up the stigma.

Dr. Sharon Mendoza said: “It’s important that awareness starts at a community level and that we help to break down the stigma around breast cancer to encourage women to take the appropriate precautions and support other women to do the same. I’m delighted to be participating at Ellington Properties event this year, it’s encouraging to see a socially responsible developer taking care of the well-being of its residents in this way.”

Ghadeer Kunna added: “We need to collectively take responsibility for raising awareness as well as levels of understanding around breast cancer and the precautions women can take in terms of screening. Companies such as Ellington Properties are doing a great job of giving something back to the communities in which they operate, something which really helps drive levels of awareness around this important cause.”

An open Q&A session will be available at the end where guests can learn more from our speakers.

Residents of Belgravia & Belgravia II are cordially invited to join this exceptional cause.

Please RSVP your attendance.

Date: October 25th, 2019
Location: Belgravia Courtyard, JVC, Dubai
Time: 4.30pm to 5.30pm