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Wilton Park Residences: European inspired living in the heart of Dubai

The Wilton Park Residences (WPR) is a couple of high-rise, exclusive buildings in the heart of Dubai. Beautifully tucked in the lush greenery of Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Meydan, each of the WPR residences consists of twelve residential floors. With beautifully designed studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments, no matter which floor you choose to reside, they all provide an unending, scenic view of Dubai’s skyline.

The Wilton Park residences boldly reflect an aesthetic outlook supported by the influence of modern London’s architecture. The buildings are built based on European design styles, which reflects on both external and internal features. Built based on standard specifications yet with modern amenities, the WPR has been labeled as a highly desirable residential building for people who want a home away from the hustle and bustle of the City.

What Should I look out for?

While construction is still ongoing, it is not unusual that every potential resident wants to explore more about The Wilton Park residences, and here are the main features that they are entitled to experience when becoming a Wilton Park resident:

A European feel in the Heart of Dubai

Built with contemporary European architecture, the Wilton Park Residences stand out among other residential buildings in Meydan. Excellence does not stop at the beautiful exterior, a lot of work has been put into the development of the property to ensure the feel of an exquisite luxury is translated into the interior fittings and finishing. The apartments include full-height windows, premium tiles, and spacious balcony areas. The doors and kitchen cabinets are of top premium-quality hardware and materials. Each studio and apartment is fitted with the best kitchen appliances and wardrobes. All these features create a complete home experience for you as a resident at the Wilton Park.

Built to Specification.

Wilton Park Residences not only provides comfort within your private residence, but it also supports and seeks to meet your leisure, sporting, and social demands. The property accommodates a gymnasium and a swimming pool. Residents’ safety is a must, therefore, top-of-the-line elevators and fire-fighting equipment are installed at premises under the professionals’ supervision and guideline.

Be at Home with Mother Nature

Being surrounded by two natural parks is priceless. No other residence has a natural feel to it as much as the Wilton Park Residences. Imagine stepping out to your spacious balcony, soaking in the aesthetic beauty of it all – the lush greenery, the wide expanse of the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary and the Dubai skyline. The surreal view helps residents unwind, relax and be in touch with nature. Watching the sunset over the horizon from the comfort of your balcony is an experience worth going for.

Location! Location!! Location!!!

Location favours the Wilton Park Residences. The property has been strategically positioned in the Mohammed Bin Rashid City in a smartly distributed way. Moreover, navigating around your residence will not be an issue, the buildings are at a convenient distance to major roads like the Nad Al Sheba Road and the Dubai Al Ain Road. This way, getting to the major landmarks within the City is easy. Be it going on school runs or enjoying the nightlife in MBR City, easy access roads are available from the residence towards any destination.

There are many other reasons you should have a look-in on the Wilton Park Residences. With the recent rate of development in the Mohammed Bin Rashid City, getting an apartment in the WPR is a wise investment. Major landmarks spring up daily and more are expected to be completed in the upcoming months. There are children’s playgrounds, cinemas, schools, and laundry service all spotted nearby the residences. The location for the WPR was carefully selected to ensure that you do not have any hassles in navigation and accessing basic services. The project was designed to give you comfort and luxury, as you deserve.

Life is Easy. Live It.

Payment plans are structured to fit your financial projections. This means you can decide how to pay while keeping your eyes on the big picture of owning a luxury apartment in the heart of Dubai. It is a worthwhile investment that will surely yield dividends for you. Make the move today!