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The Ellington guide for aspirant homeowners in the UAE

Five factors to consider when looking to purchase a new home in Dubai

Ellington, the design-centric luxury lifestyle property developer, offers aspiring homeowners and Dubai residents relevant advice on what to look for in the design of a quality new home. These tips are adapted from Ellington’s top buyers as well as its award-winning interior designer.

  1. Location, location, location

When looking for a dream home, location remains a priority. Search for a residence that is close enough to Dubai’s major attractions yet is within a social community that offers a luxurious escape from the chaos of work and city life.

      2. Form follows function in floorplan

A well mapped out floorplan is the key to harmonious ‘live in design’. Among the considerations, buyers are encouraged to look for minimal corridors, carefully placed windows, doors and balconies. Choose a kitchen with ample storage, all the essential appliances and plenty of counter space. Bathrooms must be spacious too and include dynamic lighting, and easy to clean detailing. Bedrooms, particularly the master, should feature a walk-in closet in which the city dweller can automatically envisage the placement of their belongings.

      3. Find that flawless finish

The use of any colour palette will make or break a buyer’s interest in the surrounding space, so choice in colour is crucial to the look and feel of a home design. Look for finishes that are both suited to personal taste and are well matched for the function of the room. Neutral colours remain on trend and fit into any style of furnishing, and a good set of finishes will give a buyer long-term benefits if they ever choose to sell.

      4. Escape in artfully-crafted amenities

In recent years, community living has become one of the most desired elements of a new home. According to Ellington’s in-house leading designer, Laura Bielecki, amenities that are welcoming and engaging make people want to stay at home rather than go out on weekends, and this is what Ellington aims to provide at its luxury live in designs. A combination of spacious gyms with state-of-the-art equipment, stunning views and a variety of machines, five-star hotel inspired swimming pools with boundless and relaxing lounge areas to set a residential offering apart from the rest. Families should look for plenty of indoor and outdoor play areas for children, which will allow gatherings at weekends that do not require an outing away from home. It is common in the high-end designs for there to be a clubhouse with games, as well as an inviting lobby for residents and guests to sit, meet or wait.

        5. Look for luscious landscaping

Greenery truly grounds a home and gives it a liveable, breathable feel that uplifts its inhabitants and allows them to feel alive while at home. Landscaping is fundamental to make a house a home. Aesthetic foliage can help create an outdoor lifestyle of pool parties, BBQs and community entertainment. Greenery also promotes relaxation and serenity away from the buzz of the city.

Ellington encourages those on the search for their dream home to take time to consider the ease of transition in the move, and to choose a home that allows them to have an uncompromised lifestyle.

 Founded in 2014, Ellington endeavours to craft beautiful environments for exceptionally high-quality lifestyles. Inspired by art and reflective of their owners’ aspirations, Ellington residences are classic in feel but contemporary of vision. Ellington’s current projects include high-rise luxury residences and multi-family communities in Dubai, located in the prestigious Downtown Dubai, Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Emirates Hills, Palm Jumeirah or the upcoming Jumeirah Village Circle.