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Palm Jumeirah is the ideal location for your dream home in Dubai


Why Palm Jumeirah is the Ideal Location for Your Dream Home in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is nothing short of a paradise-like playground for people who wish to live away from the hustle and bustle of a city yet enjoy all modern amenities. Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island in Dubai, often called the eighth wonder of the world, which offers unparalleled sea views, a never-ending vacation lifestyle, and a host of activities. If you are looking for a location for your dream home in Dubai, you simply cannot beat the charm and luxury of Palm Jumeirah.

In this post, we will discuss some of the most important things that make Palm Jumeirah an ideal location to live in Dubai. Let us dig in.

Best in Beachfront Living

We have said it before and we will say it again: Beachfront living does not get better than Palm Jumeirah. If you are someone who wants the best of living close to the sea in total comfort, look no further than Palm Jumeirah, which is bounded by the majestic Arabian Gulf on three sides.

It would be no exaggeration to say that world-class beachfront living is the best benefit of staying in Palm Jumeirah. Because it is an island, each property here offers pristine ocean views, with many residential properties offering direct access to the beach. Palm Jumeirah also has apartments in high-rise buildings, meaning people living there will enjoy miles upon miles of uninterrupted views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s skyline.

Wide Range of Residential Properties

In Palm Jumeirah, you will find a wide variety of townhouses, apartments, and villas. Estimates suggest that there are roughly 2,500 single-family homes, which includes the villa units that several projects offer.

Most offerings are larger apartments and penthouses, but some complexes offer villa units as well. As far as the architectural style is concerned, ultra-contemporary is very popular, but it is possible to find other styles as well.  In other words, regardless of your personal preferences, you will find a home suitable to your needs and taste in Palm Jumeirah.

Almost all projects have their own private beach, which is great news for every beach lover. But that is not all. Most projects also boast an associated beach club, which usually features awesome swimming pool decks with excellent sunset views and includes a gymnasium, several options for food and beverage, many retail options, and spacious landscaped spaces.

To put it simply, Palm Jumeirah’s iconic location and majestic sea views make it one of the most popular residential areas in Dubai, especially among foreigners.  

As far as the property prices are concerned, that depends on various factors, including the following:

  • Where the home is located in Palm Jumeirah
  • Whether the home is new or old
  • Whether the home has been upgraded and renovated
  • Whether it is a villa, townhouse, or apartment
  • The architectural style of the home

In general, residential properties in the Palm are quite expensive since it is a highly coveted prime location.  Apartments are obviously more affordable than villas that often sell for dozens of million Dirhams. If you are interested to know more about current and future properties for sale available in Palm Jumeirah, then do not hesitate to contact Ellington Properties and we will be glad to help you find the ideal apartment or villa that suits your needs and budget.

Luxury Amenities

When it comes to luxury amenities, Palm Jumeirah beats all other locations in Dubai to the punch. The entire area has a feel of a top-class resort, thanks to a number of luxury hotels located here. There is no shortage of world-class restaurants, either. If you are someone who places a high value on great dining experiences, you will be spoilt for choice in Palm Jumeirah.

Other major destinations include various malls, perhaps the most popular being the Nakheel Mall, which not only houses a cinema but also boasts a children’s playroom, besides a wide range of premium retail outlets.  The Nakheel Mall also is home to a truly unique and remarkable food hall. Another mall worth a mention is the Pointe, a waterfront shopping mall with no fewer than 80 restaurants, world-class attractions, and the world’s largest dancing fountain.