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Living on the Most Luxurious Island in Dubai: Palm Jumeirah

The Shining Jewel of the Emirates

Palm Jumeirah is nothing short of a marvel. It offers a mix of artistic and architectural brilliance to its residents. The Palm is a man-made island that has added another seventy-five miles to Dubai’s coastline, as it upholds beautiful structures, sprawling edifices and a premium community lifestyle.

Investing in Palm Jumeirah – A Unique Living Experience

Why should you settle in a luxurious villa on the Palm Island? Palm Jumeirah is popular for various reasons. Many celebrities including David Beckham and Michael Owen are homeowners on the Island. The Palm is also a man-made masterpiece that pushed Dubai into the fourth place among the most-visited countries in the world. The island is considered one of the best places to live in the UAE. For anyone looking to set up a new fancy life, the Jumeirah beckons. It towers high among other options due to its blend of luxury and aquatic splendor. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to stay in the bubbly center of the city, or you want a private residence for you and your loved ones. One thing is sure: each property is given the best fitting and premium amenities.

Signature Villas

The exquisite signature villas are top-of-the-shelf kind of properties. Located on the fronds of the Palm, these villas cover over up to 7,000 square feet. Each unit contains between three to seven bedrooms. With aesthetic wall finishing and designs, each unit overlooks the Arabian Sea and conveys the impression of a splendid exclusivity. These villas are particularly suitable for large groups and families.

Beach Apartments

The beach apartments give residents a birds-eye view of the sea, its coastline and the city. Also, each of these apartments are individually designed; none like the other. The apartments’ size-range can vary from compact (3,000 square feet) to large (40,000 square feet). They are highly secured and filled with essential amenities such as Wi-Fi and elevators.


Palm Jumeirah’s townhouses can be identified by their broad terraces, balconies and contemporary architectural styles. The large plot areas allow relaxing outdoor living and entertainment. The Townhouses are modern and offer many facilities – salon, restaurants and cafes right out the door.

 Life on The Most Luxurious Island in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah has been entitled as the eighth wonder of the world and the reasons are not far from reality. An artificial island that seats beachfront mansions and apartments four miles out on the Arabian Sea. Why should you invest in a home in Palm Jumeirah? What does this island have to offer?

  1. Sublime Elegance
    If you desire elegance and appreciate beauty, then you will surely love Palm Jumeirah. The neighbourhood is calm and neat as it hosts a classy community. Located off the Arabian Gulf means you have unlimited oceanic view, refined neighbourhood and quality services everywhere you turn.
  2. Extreme Serenity
    Living in big congested cities can be extremely hectic, and running errands means that you need to shuttle between the city’s extremes. In contrast, Palm Jumeirah has everything you need at reach. Located in close proximity to business hubs like Dubai Media City, Palm Jumeirah hosts an array of healthcare facilities, sports centers, schools and supermarkets. Therefore, the island is the definition of an all-in-one City.
  3. Active Social Life
    All year long, Palm Jumeirah is an island that’s always in action. It is not surprising, considering the number of hotels, cafes and restaurants that line the city. The nightlife is ever bubbly, and the services rendered are top-notch. Even if you are not the nocturnal type, there are leisure parks, resorts and other entertainment points all around the city. These places can readily serve as hangout spots for you, your family and friends.

Considering buying a property in Dubai? Palm Jumeirah offers sumptuous homes for you and your family so you can enjoy the serenity, luxury as well as an active lifestyle. Invest in the most luxurious island in Dubai, and find the home of your dreams. Ellington’s palm island collection offers beachfront villas that bring a modern color scheme which combines beauty, refinement and livability. Learn more about Ellington properties or contact us for more information.