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“Life in Belgravia – Episode 1 – A day with Melissa & Miriam”

We are introducing a new monthly series where we showcase the different lifestyles of our residents. This month, we got lucky to spend time with Marjana’s family in Belgravia with her lovely daughters Melissa, 5 years old and Miriam, 2 years old.

It was a great pleasure to be invited by Marjana to visit their apartment and meet her lovely daughters who were so fun to be with. The kids were very welcoming and too excited to share their favorite toys with us.

So, when we asked their mother about how they are spending time daily, she mentioned that Miriam waits eagerly every day for her elder sister Melissa to come back from school so they can start playing with her favorite unicorn and stuffed animal toys. Since Miriam is the youngest sister and not going to school yet, she loves copying her sister, therefore, she insists on coloring with Melissa so she can learn more about colors and showcase her own creativity.

This doesn’t stop here, as when it’s time for Melissa to do her homework, Miriam immediately brings her glittery notebook to cope her sister (even though she can only write her own name at this stage) and of course this can’t be done without playing “Baby shark do-do-do-do” song in the background. For some reason, the song has magic in it because the two sisters could not stay still for too long and ran to dance in front of the TV and jump on their small trampoline.

Melissa & Miriam - life in Belgravia
Melissa & Miriam – life in Belgravia

After some fun times indoors, Melissa and Miriam were trying to convince their mother to go downstairs to spend time playing. Melissa was insisting to go to the kids’ play area to meet her friends from the Belgravia Community. While accompanying Melissa and Miriam, we were fascinated by how they were leading us from their apartment, to the elevator, and to the kids’ play area and explaining how they are now familiar with everything in their community.

Melissa & Miriam in the kids play area in Belgravia
Melissa & Miriam in the kids play area in Belgravia and courtyard

Both sisters had a great time playing with the toys and kids game structures in the play area with some jumping around and teasing each other of course. The latter also didn’t stop when they ran through the green courtyard with their mother forcing her to run with them. It was lovely seeing them laughing and hearing Melissa guiding her younger sister so they can jump on the spun chairs by Majis.

The sisters playing in the courtyard with the spun chairs made by Majis
The sisters playing in the courtyard with the spun chairs made by Majis

The final chapter of this day was the swimming pool, which is their favorite spot in the community. They were very excited to directly jump in the water, but we had to remind them to wear their bathing suits first. And of course, we had to convince Miriam that she is not a professional diver she wanted to jump on the deeper side without her swim ring, thank god we had her mother and the lifeguard there to watch on her.

The sisters having fun times with their mother in the swimming pool
The sisters having fun times with their mother in the swimming pool

Spending the whole day with Melissa and Miriam was a phenomenal experience as it was great seeing how kids live in Belgravia community and what their daily life is like. They were a true example of what a happy community can be.

As Ellington Properties, we are truly customer-centric and our residential projects focus on the elements that serve our residents whether they are adults or kids. Our homes are built to cater to their needs and making every living experience a happy experience. Seeing how our residential project “Belgravia” catered to the needs of Marjana, Melissa and Miriam have made us very proud as team members of Ellington Properties. Through this and the upcoming episodes of Life in Belgravia, we will showcase how crafting beautiful environments for exceptionally high-quality lifestyles is the essence of happy communities.

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