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Investment in Apartments or Villas in Dubai: What Is A Better Option?

Although it seems simple, the decision to buy property in Dubai, whether an apartment or a villa, is not an easy one to make. By choosing an apartment for sale in Dubai, you are opting for more than a home, you’re opting for a lifestyle. This is because each flat in Dubai has its own assets and corresponds to a certain lifestyle. City or outskirts? Proximity or tranquillity? Friends or family? Ask yourself the right questions before selecting an apartment in Dubai that is ideally located, or rather a villa in Dubai, which is located in a calm residential area. The pros and cons depend largely on your lifestyle and your budget. Here are some ideas to better guide your choice.

The advantages and disadvantages of investing in an apartment in Dubai:

In case you are taking the decision to invest in an apartment for living purposes, the main asset will be the location to be in the city centre. Thus, you will be closer to shops, schools, hospitals, gardens and public transport, which will help in limiting your travel expenditures. The other major plus to consider when deciding upon an apartment is low maintenance cost. As for the maintenance of the building, the cost will be shared by all the owners. Living in an apartment in Dubai, your cooling, water and electricity costs are also reduced in comparison to living in a villa. Moreover, you will not be taking care of the maintenance of the building, which is entrusted to the concierge.

If you are considering an apartment in Dubai for investment purposes, then it would be simpler to rent an apartment and then benefit from the Dubai rental yields, which are one of the highest in the world.

Keep in mind that the main disadvantage of owning a flat in Dubai is the lack of space. Indeed, instead of a large garden, you will only have a balcony. As you live in an apartment, you must also make compromises and respect the rules of the building. You are not free to renovate or make any changes, as per your desires.

 The advantages and disadvantages of investing in a villa in Dubai:

A villa is ideal for larger families, who need extra space. You will have a garden to yourself, where your children and pets can frolic safely. You can also have a terrace and a swimming pool to enjoy the beautiful days. Another advantage of living in a villa in Dubai is the freedom of renovation to meet your needs and to reflect your taste and style, as you will be the sole owner of your property. If you like it peaceful and quiet, this is an ideal choice, since you are far from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Needless to say, the main disadvantage of a villa is the higher price that you have to pay along with the maintenance costs and utility bills that you will have to take full responsibility for, as the sole owner. In addition, villas in Dubai are often far from the city centre; you must also consider travel expenses before making your choice. Indeed, you will be more car-dependent especially if you need to make regular trips to downtown.

In conclusion, villas in Dubai are better suited for large families, who want to enjoy tranquillity and independence, and apartments in Dubai are the right choice for single professionals or smaller families, who want to make use of the financial, social and cultural character for which Dubai is famous.