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How To Increase Your Home Value With Smart Renovations

Increasing the value of your home is easier than you think. Investing in some smart home technologies can quickly increase the value of your home without the expense of a significant renovation.

If you’ve bought a home in Dubai or lived there for a while, the fastest way to increase the marketability of your home is to make a plan to improve your home value.

It is best if the upgrades are done intentionally and not on a whim. Residential renovation projects in Dubai cost between 20 and 25 cents per dollar. The remaining 75 to 80 cents go directly to the house for a more substantial sum.

Start slowly. It’s a marathon, not a race. If your house is new, you know it. If you have been there for a while, you also know it. Itemize the stuff you want to change and the upgrades you want to make. Do not worry about the organization; write it all. If you consider selling, talk to your real estate agent, and make a sales plan.

Go through the list and estimate how much it can cost, including time and money. Be realistic; it’s good to include renovating an outdoor waterfall pool but consider your financial situation.

Once you have the list listed, take a look, and prioritize what “real” is and what is not. See if you can get away with a reasonable balance.

Tackle a room at a time

How can you channel those new ideas while still being smart at making these improvements? Commit to approaching a room at a time. Whether it’s a dull coat of paint or the destruction of a wall, when you approach one room at a time, projects are underway.

Make a list of everything you dream of doing, divide the list into cost categories, and note how much time each project can take. It helps you achieve results. Always choose a plan that fits your schedule, comfort level, and financial commitment.

Small improvements could be worth it in the long run

Are you divided between improving the decor and improving what you know to increase the resale value of your home? Many homeowners are surprised to learn that doing a bit of both is well worth it.

Upgrades to your home can include replacing permanent lighting, old faucets, and doors. The improvements should consist of furniture, works of art, and window treatments. If you have much on upgrades, you may be able to make minor changes in the next few months. Update some electrical outlets or buy a small lamp. Follow a monthly update, and you’ll be happy with what you see.

Curb appeal counts

Want a new perspective on the value of your home? Cross the street, turn around and ask yourself, “Does my house look attractive, welcoming, and structurally sound at first sight?

Make a list of ways to improve the positive and eliminate the negative. If you have a beautifully curved footbridge, highlight it with flowers. If the first thing a visitor comes in contact with is a long walkway or a big full garage, try adding some aesthetics to the sidewalk or the parking to make it look different and beautiful. These little things add value.

Take a photo and look at your house in black and white. When the color is removed, the truth is revealed. There you see the cracks in the walls and the apparent flaws.

Keep things clean and tidy. Talk to your neighbors because it concerns them too. Your home will be valuable if you live in a place where everyone pays close attention to the look.

Upgrade your kitchen

Ask any real estate expert in Dubai what the best and most significant upgrade is as regards home renovations, and the answer will be your kitchen.

  • Perform a mini restyling. Change the painting. This sounds simple, but it works. You can even paint a faux wood finish on your cabinets: it looks like cherry.
  • Add some color with a new splash design. The new tile is attractive. 
  • Go all out for stainless steel: 
  • Turns the kitchen into a wavy island.
  • Hang a shelf with new pots, pans, and bottle racks. With the corrugated island, your kitchen will attract the attention of buyers. You can bring some of these things into your new home.

Renovate your bathroom.

From every room in the house, the bathroom is the workhorse. There is a lot of wear; therefore, you should continue to work hard and make exciting improvements throughout the upgrade process.

  • Concentrate on your achievements. Bathrooms are no longer utilities. People like to feel relaxed, like in a spa. The sinks are old news, and people like the new under-mouth sinks.
  • Go with granite or marble with your counters. If you’re joking with the idea of ​​granite, the bathroom counter is probably smaller than the kitchen counter and cheaper. 
  • Combine superior lighting for wall mounts to bring warmth and value to your bathroom. Make sure you have uniform illumination around the mirror, without shadows.
  • Heated floors attract buyers like bees.
  • Update your bathroom space. At 85% efficiency, install a body aerosol shower and stone tile. If you do not want to sell immediately, you’ll feel like you’re in one of the most beautiful places in Dubai every time you enter the bathroom.
  • Keep it clean. 

High insulation for energy efficiency

If your home lacks essential insulation and has old doors that allow a lot of hot and cold air, home inspectors who work with potential buyers will include it in their reports. Homes that have not been modified for energy efficiency are more expensive to live and maintain.

Upgrading your home to save energy should not be very expensive and can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. 

Bottom Line

It cost little to increase your home value with smart revocations if you apply some of these techniques mentioned above. Dubai is known as one of the best places to live in / own real estate.