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How to create a positive environment for your home in Dubai

Want to know how to make your home a happy place? Home is where we spend most of our time, so it is important to have a positive and peaceful home environment. Follow along as we discuss time-tested tips for creating a positive atmosphere at home.

  1. Declutter

If you struggle to keep negative energy away from your home, start decluttering the space. Over the years, there is a good chance you would have accumulated a lot of stuff that you no longer need (or want).

Declutter one room at a time, as this will help you remove unwanted and/or unneeded stuff without getting overwhelmed.

Here are some tips to declutter your home quickly and efficiently:

  • Create a declutter-your-home checklist
  • Start by prioritizing cluttered areas
  • Limit your focus to one room at a time (If you are dealing with a lot of unwanted stuff, you can even start with one zone inside a room, like your kitchen cabinets)
  • Complete one job fully before moving on to the next

Before you start freeing up space in your home, make sure you have containers defined for the purposes listed below as that will make sorting items easier.

  • Donate: Items that are not needed but are otherwise in good condition.
  • Trash: In this container, put all those items that will go in your household trash.
  • Recycle: Put all unwanted items that can be recycled into this container.
  • Get organizing

Now that you freed up space in your home, it is time to organize it. That is, give each item in the house a designated space.

The most efficient way to do this is by creating storage systems to keep similar items together. For instance, set up an “electrical drawer” for housing stuff like cables, batteries, and charges. Likewise, you can have a “linen drawer”, where you can put all your tea towels and table linens.

Keep the items that your family uses frequently in easy-to-reach spaces, while items that are used seasonally or sparingly can be put away in storage.

  • Create a cleaning schedule for your home (and stick to it)

The next step is to make a cleaning schedule. Decide how many days in a week you will clean and then assign specific days to specific areas. For instance, Monday: clean the laundry room and kitchen; Tuesday: bedrooms; Wednesday: dining and living rooms; Thursday: bathrooms.

  • Add plants

Why not incorporate feng shui in your home by adding some plants?

Plants, especially green plants, embody life energy in feng shui. Green plants do to your house what freshly-pressed organic green juice does to your health — they introduce vitality and freshness.

When picking plants for your home, the most important thing is to select those which are appropriate for your space and that you can easily take care of. If you have never kept plants inside your home before, try some easy ones, like the bamboo plant or golden pothos.

  • Air out your home regularly

Getting fresh air in your home is vital for creating a positive atmosphere. What is more, fresh air is also super-beneficial to your health. It can help improve heart rate and blood pressure, build up a stronger immune system, and increase serotonin levels. Serotonin plays a key role in sleep, digestion, and mood, and more of it can help keep negative thoughts at bay.

Apart from that, drawing the curtains and opening the windows allows natural light to filter in. Airing your home regularly is an additional benefit since sunshine helps improve our mood.

  • Ensure your house smells great

You can use incense or candles to ensure you have an amazing-smelling house. Also, consider these two tips: 

  • Baking soda: Did you know baking soda is extremely efficient at absorbing bad smells? Three or four bowls of baking soda scattered around the house and replacing them weekly can ensure your house always smell nice.
  • Simmer spent lemons: Take spent lemons, put them in a stock pot, fill it up with water, and simmer it on low for a few hours. Use this solution to clean your kitchen and make it smell awesome.