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How Belgravia & Belgravia II projects are standing out in JVC

Belgravia and Belgravia II properties rank high among other residential projects in the city as they are designed to the highest industry standards and crafted with quality. Construction commenced for Belgravia in 2014 and was duly completed in 2016. Belgravia II followed, and the project has been completed in January 2019 as per its schedule.

Belgravia and Belgravia II are projects carefully created from building plans to top-notch structural engineering. Each spacious apartment has up to three bedrooms, with elegant finishing; providing relaxation and serenity to its residents.

The Belgravia Projects were built with a goal in mind: to create a communal life which adequately caters to the needs and lifestyles of families. This accounts for the Belgravia residents having on-site start-of-the-art gymnasiums with high-tech equipment and yoga space, resort-style swimming pools and a children’s play area. The surrounding greeneries encourage socialization and create a dynamic and engaging community.

Belgravia – All You Need to Know

Belgravia residences are G+4 buildings situated a few minutes from the Mall of The Emirates. While both projects are developed by Ellington Properties, each was designed by two master architectural firms. With 181 and 188 units respectively, each apartment is designed for comfortability and coziness. Plus, a free wi-fi connection is available throughout the common areas and an artistically furnished lobby providing a hotel-like experience.

On the larger picture, the Belgravia residences are located in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) that provides all the privileges of family-friendly, exquisite living in a community setting. The Belgravia residences are self-sufficient communities with primary conveniences such as schools, walkways, malls and parks.

Belgravia – Why you should invest

  1. Seamless detailed finishing. From the early stages of construction until its accomplishment, the focus had been on delivering the projects to the tiniest details, geared with top quality products for a unique experience.

Moreover, the location of the buildings in the heart of JVC is an advantage on its own. First, it gives access to all major roads within 2 minutes. Secondly and by virtue of this location, residents have unlimited access to amenities such as shopping, gaming, sports and recreation. JVC helps families balance different areas of their lives the way they want.

  1. Stronger ROI on apartment units. Buying an apartment in the Belgravia buildings is a wise investment as the returns on investment for an apartment stands at an average of 7% to 10%. For most other buildings and apartments located in JVC, the ROI is 6% or lower.

The buildings are worthy buys for any real estate enthusiast as all units in Belgravia were sold out in a short span of time. Since then, several other units have been sold. This is not surprising because most real estate buyers and enthusiasts have discovered that it takes two years less to recuperate an investment in the Belgravia residences compared to other projects. For Belgravia apartments, full investment recuperate period is eleven (11) years, as opposed to thirteen (13) years for other properties within JVC.

  1. The buildings are fully occupied. Records show that at last count, the Belgravia buildings have 96% occupancy rate – a noteworthy high rate. However, this rapid move of securing apartments in Belgravia does not work out the same way for other buildings within JVC. Most buildings within and outside the JVC have an average occupancy rate of 70%.

The fact that the ROI and occupancy rate are high, it portends a welcoming, community feel to the Belgravia residences.

 You should have a look-in

If you have not considered renting an apartment in Belgravia or Belgravia II already, now is the time to do so. But if you are planning to own your apartment, you can explore our new project in JVC: Belgravia Square, a luxurious property with promises of high ROI and lesser time to recover your Capital.