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Christmas tree at Ellington Properties community in Belgravia II


8 Tips for the best Christmas tree decoration in 2019

It’s the festive season again in Dubai!

December is becoming one of the busiest months in Dubai where tourists from different parts of the world come to visit due to the change in weather making it perfect for outdoor activities. In fact, for the past few years, many businesses have been focusing their creativity on festive decorations and promotions making the festive season a fun celebration in Dubai. Since the beginning of December, you can feel the Christmas vibes in different areas around the city such as Christmas markets, lights, and decorations in the streets. This makes the journey of looking for the perfect tree and ornaments very exciting.

This year, we were happy to decorate the entrance lobbies in our Jumeirah Village Circle communities of Belgravia, Belgravia II and the recently handed over project of Eaton Place.

Take a look at the results for inspiration:

Most of us get overwhelmed with all the promotions offered by the shops during this festive season and we tend to rush in getting the decorations. However, making your home décor tie into a Christmas holiday mood is a must to make you feel more “At home” and in tune to celebrate while waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas eve.

Our list below will help you to plan the decoration of your tree in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the Middle East:

  1. Accessories: We all know that the whole setup matters, not just the tree, try placing accessories under your trees and be creative with your present wrapping to bring more excitement to your décor and make it worth being instagrammed for!
  2. Sustainability: You can be sustainable about your gift wraps for example by considering the use of reusable wrapping like Maska Wraps.
  3. Family: Christmas is all about bonding with family and helping others, therefore, try making an experience out of it such as using eco-friendly wrapping papers and making your own ornaments with family members. Some Christmas carol music playing while decorating will put you even more in the mood.
  4. Candles: Using candles can be a great addition and they always set a beautiful mood, go festive and have a candlelit Christmas dinner.
  5. Outdoor decoration: Festive decoration is not only exclusive to indoors as even an outdoor setting to your front door or porch is an excellent welcome home gesture. Consider a wreath on your door, a festive welcome mat or a series of outdoor LED candles and Christmas lights.
  6. Colors: According to the Pantone Color Institute, the color of 2019 is living coral and beautiful accents of fresh and fun color schemes. These colors can be mixed with white, clear and silver décor to have a beautiful fresh color scheme added to your tree.
  7. Snow: This year, you may be thinking of softening the dark green look of the tree. If it’s the case, we suggest you consider white or “snow-lined trees” to have a different approach with your ornaments. This will allow you to have a better chance to add ornaments that are more pastel or chrome with springs of floral or lighter foliage to give it a lighter and more tropical twist that can easily match your furniture.
  8. Think outside the box: For those who would like to break the normal rule of using the traditional colors of  Christmas such as red, green and gold you can go for a change this year and consider using fresher colors and accessories that you don’t usually tie to Christmas. It’s always nice to leave your own touch to it.

Be trendy and wild with your trees this year and make the best memories out of it.

We wish you all a great festive season.