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Sponsorship with Al Nasr Club

Ellington Properties signed a sponsorship agreement with Al Nasr Club. This dynamic partnership symbolizes a significant alliance between the realms of real estate and sports. Through this collaboration, Ellington Properties aims to reinforce its dedication to community engagement and its enthusiasm for the exhilarating sport of football. This sponsorship is set to foster a mutually rewarding relationship, showcasing Ellington Properties’ commitment to supporting and nurturing local sports talent.

About Al Nasr Club

Al Nasr Club, officially known as Al-Nasr CSC (Victory Sports Club), holds a prestigious place in Emirati football history. Located in Al Nasr, Dubai, this professional football club is a prominent competitor in the UAE Pro League. Established in 1945, Al Nasr Club proudly carries the distinction of being the first and oldest football club in the United Arab Emirates. With a rich legacy of over seven decades, the club continues to be a beacon of sporting excellence and a symbol of victory, as its name aptly signifies in Arabic.