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Villas for Sale in Dubai

Guide To Buy A Villa In Dubai

Finding good accommodation will probably be one of your main concerns if you have chosen to move to the United Arab Emirates. Given the large expatriate community in Dubai, the real estate market is striving to meet the growing demand year after year.

There are nevertheless some criteria to consider when selecting a housing. One needs to ask themselves the right questions before making a selection – an apartment in Dubai or rather a villa in Dubai? There will obviously be a choice to pick from a wide selection of either houses or villas for sale in Dubai, whatever the emirate in which you decide to settle. Some of the other apparent questions include – City or outskirts? Proximity or tranquillity? Friends or family?

Villas in Dubai, as we all know, are better suited for larger families, who need extra space – they can have a garden to themselves, where their children and pets can frolic safely. They can also have a terrace and a swimming pool to enjoy beautiful days!

Dubai offers many communities with villas for sale, all with different lifestyles and community services.

After answering the obvious questions and having made up your mind about staying in a villa in Dubai, let’s now take a look at some of the vital factors you’d need to pay attention to when selecting from a wide range of villas for sale in Dubai.

  1. Location of Villas in Dubai:

Location is key. How close are you to your office and your children’s schools? Is it a congested drive to and fro? Even if you’re buying a villa for sale in Dubai for investment purpose, that remains an important factor as it will determine your annual rental returns. The better the location, the more accessible and closer to services, the higher the rent you will get.

Ellington’s Villas for Sale in Dubai:

We, at Ellington Properties, can offer you a top-quality range of villas for sale in Dubai that can meet your needs depending on the location, budget and outcome you would expect from owning a villa in Dubai. If you are looking to buy luxury villas in Dubai, then we can offer you our ready-to-move Palm Jumeirah villas or work with you on a concept for our Emirates Hills Villas.

However, if you wish to go in for a more affordable option, then you might want to consider our villas for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Somerset Mews, which are 4-bedroom ground plus 2-floor villas with an elevator.

Emirates Hills Villas:

Emirates Hills is a gated community located in Dubai, which was named after the famous Beverly Hills with its beautiful big houses and lush green areas. Emirates Hills is largely home to the expatriate community of Dubai, as it consists of the first freehold properties to be sold in the city. Check out the Emirates Hills villas for sale from our collection to experience modern and striking architecture with a key focus on art and luxury.

Palm Jumeirah Villas:

The Palm Jumeirah is a highly sought-after residential destination for those, who prefer an upmarket and design-led lifestyle; but in addition, also value a coastal living experience. Featuring luxury apartments and villas in Dubai, as well as some of the finest hotels in the city, the island is a popular base for residents and tourists, who have an affinity for seaside living. A short drive from the Sheikh Zayed Road, ‘The Palm’ is well connected to the rest of Dubai. Residents can also access the city via the Dubai Tram that is linked to the Palm Monorail. Take a look at our Palm Jumeirah villas for sale, which includes four beachfront villas on Dubai’s prestigious Palm Jumeirah, all with architecture and interior design by award-winning MDR Architects of California.

  1. Dubai’s Villa Communities: Amenities

It may seem like a minor thing but imagine how great it would be if you could easily walk from your villa in Dubai to a nearby shopping mall or supermarket. What if it was only a quick 5-minute drive to reach a pharmacy, a clinic or your children’s school? These small things make all the difference when one is considering buying a villa in Dubai. Investors in Dubai should know that people pay more for that convenience when choosing from the villas for sale in Dubai to either rent out or live in.

  1. Townhouses or Villas in Dubai

Villas in Dubai are stand-alone homes typically with garden space and more privacy. A townhouse is a unit attached to a neighbouring unit with smaller garden space. Neighbours typically can look into your property. So, when planning to buy villas in Dubai, it is important to consider if you wish to have more space and privacy or not.

  1. Choice of Property Developers in Dubai

While choosing from among the top property developers in Dubai, ensure you conduct thorough research about leading real estate companies in Dubai and then finalize on one that suits your requirements. Some important questions to ask – Do they handover properties on time? Do they often face delays? Also, what is the quality of their properties? Try to talk to several real estate experts in Dubai’s market and get answers for each of these!

High-quality villas in Dubai generate good rental yields and mean you won’t be spending any additional money maintaining it. When looking for villas in Dubai, it is important to identify the top real estate developers in Dubai and then accordingly make your choice. You will be spoilt for choice with the abundance of options when it comes to villas for sale in Dubai that can yield high returns on your investment!

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